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Visualizing Millennium Development Goals Indicators for 2013


This is an entry for the WSD 2015 Data Visualization Challenge. It is an interactive visualization of the Millennium Development Goals Indicators for the year 2013.

On the challenge website, several questions were suggested that the visualization could help to answer. This project is inspired by the first one i.e. What are the interlinkages, synergies and tradeoffs between different targets? For instance, does achieving certain targets increase or decrease the likelihood of achieving other targets? The answer to this question could potentially be very complex as finding the causal relationships in the observational data is not an easy task. What this project does is simply trying to highlight correlations between different MDG indicators. The visualization is interactive and different MDG indicators can be added or removed from the plot by clicking Add/remove Indicators button in the top right-hand side corner.

Parallel coordinates visualization technique is used here. It is a common and well-known way to present multidimensional data. It is suitable for finding correlations and spotting outliers. Moreover, the edge bundling was used on top of the parallel coordinates plot. It is a technique which groups similar edges together to reduce visual clutter and allows to visually detect the most obvious patterns more easily and quickly.

Projects uses SVG graphics and was created with the help of D3 library. D3 parallel coordinates was used as a starting point and FDEB script was used to perform force directed edge bundling. The code is open source and hosted on Github. For the best experience use Chrome browser.

Data used in this project come from the official challenge website.

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