Printable Design

Create printables in just a few clicks. Edit, print and cut at home. Beautiful designs within minutes. You can create place cards, invitations, RSVPs, product tags and many more.


Globster is a tool to test and visualize results of glob patterns matching.

Mobile phones nowadays have a lot of sensors. One of them is a barometer which measures atmospheric pressure and changes in the altitude. It consumes very little energy and in this project it is used to detect which ski lift in a ski resort a person is taking using machine learning.

scatterplot online

The easiest and fastest way to generate scatter plot from Excel or CSV data. No login required just copy past your data and see the scatterplot in less than 1 second.

Meteorite landings

Visualization of the meteorite landings dataset from Inspired by Bolides I have decided to take a different approach in showing the meteorites that have collided with the Earth and have been seen falling.


It is a histogram with a twist. As a traditional histogram it shows the distribution of a single variable in form of the column chart. In addition to that Labeled Histogram shows the label of each data point displayed in the column itself so you can see to which histogram bin each data point belongs.


Using parallel coordinates visualization with edge bundling to present Millennium Development Goals Indicators for the year 2013. This is an interactive visualization which allows to add and remove indicators and visually explore this multidimensional data set. It is also an entry for the WSD 2015 Data Visualization Challenge.


Thousands of people worldwide have shared their ideas to reduce human loss and suffering from crisis. Leading up to the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit convened by the United Nations, many documents were created which contain those ideas. WHS Consultations Browser allows you to browse these data and navigate between these documents.


Visualization is an important tool in the data analysis task. Especially, in the transportation domain visualizing data and networks in particular is challenging as due to the presence of the spatial dimension they are often expected to be displayed using a map representation with the nodes positioned according to their geographical coordinates. I would like to show a variation of the node-link diagram which allows to visually analyze the local patterns of the network nodes rather than global trends and patterns while still maintaining some level of the global geospatial context.


Travel Invasion - your alternative travel guide. Are you going to travel and would like to read interesting articles about your destination? Are you bored with typical travel guides which only mention mainstream tourist attractions? This website is for you! You can think of it as a search engine for travel blogs which allows you to search by destination; directly on the map. There are so many wonderful people travelling all over the world and sharing their experiences. All we want is to give you an easier access to those resources.

Started by a travel blogger Agata Filiana and me the project is still in its early stage. We are developing algorithms that automatically index articles and try to discover the place they talk about using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing techniques. Give it a try and send us your feedback!

Campaign targeting tool

Localytics data visualization challenge inspired me to create this project. The task was to create a visualization which will give the answer for the question on how to target a mobile application markating campaign. As I am not an online marketing expert I have decided to create a rather exploratory tool which will allow the experts to find the groups of the potential customers i.e. those who will be most likely to respond positively to the campaign. To do that I have created an interactive treemap which partitions all the users into subgroups and for each displays the value of a chosen metric e.g. average donation per user. Now, the domain expert can experiment with different partitions of the customers into subgroups and easily spot interesting ones. Code of the project is open sourced and published on GitHub.

Air traffic visualization

Neo4j #ShowMeYourGraph Twitter Contest was my main motivation and a great reason behind many hours spent on experimenting and testing my skills and patience while working with the hive plot. Hive plot is a special graph layout by Martin Krzywinski which attempts to position the nodes in a meaningful way which can be interpreted. I really like the idea as I agree that for networks with many nodes and connections it can give much more insights into the data compared to other 'hair ball' styled layouts e.g. force directed. Moreover, I teamed up with Lukasz Gajdek - a very good friend of mine who deals with digital media on a daily basis and while I took charge of the tedious work of data cleaning and preparation, he made sure that the final result is really pleasant to look at. In the final stage some scripting was added to make the experience interactive et voila.

Fashion trends

End to end development - starting from the idea through research, backend implementation and frontend visualization of the results is really a satisfying experience. This simple application is hosted in the cloud and exploits many different components to collect and analyze tweets about fashion. Therefore, it can be seen as a social media monitoring tool which attempts to find useful information such as patterns or anomalies in the mass of unstructured text which people publish online. Although the analysis performed is rather simple the results are interesting and many further improvements can be considered e.g. deeper linguistic or sentiment analysis of the tweets and more complex analysis of the collected data.

Open Xerox

The advent of modern web browsers and open web standards helps to abandon proprietary plugins and allows to create fully interactive content in the browser using open source technologies and standards. That, in the times of information overload leads to the popularization of the visualization tools which give efficient and elegant way for presenting and understanding data. During the internship which was a part of my master programme I had a chance to work in Xerox Research Centre Europe in France and develop a visualization framework which operates on top of the Open Xerox web platform. The framework was constructed using Java Script and D3.js library and is publicly available on Open Xerox (only for registered users).

Visualizing Daily Deals

Crowdanalytix is a community of the data scientist which offers data-driven business challenges through ideation, predictive analytics and data mining competitions. The task of the first visualization competition was to gain insights into a daily deals industry (e.g. Groupon, LivingSocial) in a quick yet intuitive manner. Visualization techniques are often the very first step in the process of data analysis allowing to expose the structure of the dataset and form hypotheses which should be later veryfied using more sohisticated statistucal approaches. My interactive submission created using D3.js library and Java Script was placed amongst top 10 winning participants and also received a special price for the most creative submission.

Interactive CV

The idea originated while exploring different alternative ways of presenting a resume. Mind mapping techniques appeared particularly interesting however static images seemed to be boring and were not able to convey the dynamic multimedia content. Therefore, I have developed an interactive version of the Curriculum Vitae using Adobe Flash technology to display my resume in a form of a mind map. Mind maps are diagrams allowing to take notes and organize information in a nonlinear way and to outline it visually which is supposed to ease the process of memorization. This idea proved to be successful in attracting potential employers and winning a chance to get interviews as well as Erasmus Mundus DMKM master program scholarship. Project is no longer supported; my up-to-date CV can be found here.

An old amateur highschool production. Done together with a friend of mine Łukasz Lyszczarz movie "Big boys fun time" (original title "Męskie zabawy") tells a story about a war and irresponsible men who treat their soldiers, as if they were toys. And the conflict goes on even after the war is over...

This animation was done using stop-motion technique mixed with shots of real actors. It received several prizes on local polish film festivals e.g. Kino Ciśnień or Dozwolone do 21.